Why choose Mind Body Fuel?

Our services are comprehensive. Whether you choose a one-time service or a full-year membership, you will be provided a complete program. Based on the services chosen you will be provided an all-inclusive approach that is tailored to your specifics needs and goals.

What qualifications do the MBF Trainers have?

We have college-degreed and certified staff that will provide the online program services to our clients.
How often can I speak with a MBF Trainer? You will have 24/7 email/ text access to a trainer from MBF. Pending the program chosen you will have a minimum of one video or teleconference-type call to discuss any questions, or concerns you may have. This does NOT include your initial consult and goal-setting session.

Can I purchase multiple sessions?

Yes, you may purchase as many items as you see fit. Whether that is services or merchandise.

How do I pay?

Payment is made in full by credit or debit card through our secured website. Our website is fully PCI-compliant and cardholder information is not retained on our servers.

Will I be required to sign anything?

Yes, you will need to sign an online consent as well as complete a general information sheet prior to your initial consultation with an MBF Trainer.

Will MBF share any of my information?

MBF staff will only use your information on an as-needed basis. Any information provided is confidential between you and the MBF Trainer. We do not share our client database information with outside companies.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to use the contact us link above and a member of the MBF staff will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.