Avoid Party Pitfalls

Avoid Party Pitfalls Using two egg whites in place of one egg can reduce the cholesterol and produce the same tasty result. Substitute applesauce for oil, margarine or butter in muffins and quick breads like banana bread. Try substituting a small amount at first, as the more you substitute the more the texture of the […]

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meal prep

Meal Prep Saves Time

Time Saving Meal Preparation Tips: We all live in a hustle and bustle world.  From the time the alarm clock starts to buzz, until our head hits the pillow that night we are on the go.   This can be a challenge for creating a healthy lifestyle.  When are you supposed to fit it all in?  […]

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body 411

Health Numbers you MUST know

We learn our phone numbers by first grade and our social security numbers when we’re filling out college applications. We’ve memorized our password numbers to unlock our phones, and we even know the numbers representing our favorite sports players’ stats. Yet many of us don’t know the numbers that could save our lives. Perhaps the […]

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